Because Real Estate is not only about location, here is how I view it: “location-green-brown” ~ whereas, every homeowner deserves to know everything about their property, including its history, soil conditions, even air-rights above. With this holistic land-based philosophy, here is what clients, family and friends have to say: 

Paul E is your local Real Estate go-to Guru. His wealth of knowledge in both breadth and depth, gives him a district edge that rises far above other agents, and affords him an impressive level of confidence in which accurately affords him the title Top-Sales-Agent-Sarasota.

Keeping an eye on the ball like a consultant through each step of your transaction, Paul E describes himself as a “solutions specialist” who is there to handle each detail so that you can have a stress free experience, while still creating fun memories.  Knowing how much is at stake when buying or selling a home adds to his edge: that’s why he carefully listens to you by attaining a crystal clear understanding of your goals; all the meanwhile crafting a personalized game plan on how best to meet your wish-list.  That’s because for Paul E, Real Estate is about keeping a focused perspective on your specific needs, whether short-term goal, or a life-long investment; attention-to-client-detail is his main focus.


From Centro to South America, to the British West Indies and Europe, Paul Carson understands the needs of the world.  But for him, traveling is not just about leisure, but using creativity in his explorations with each moment, and experiencing life from an artistic perspective.  We all share similar values, such as family, friend, community, and a place to call home; yet it is our creative juices that differ between each unique person.  It’s exactly these kinds of experience and insights that he embraces, because they give him perspective and “ground” him in all aspects of life…design local dream global.


But that’s just Paul E.  This local businessman has always strived to get the most of his experiences, to make a difference in the world, and to embrace all of the diversity that life has to offer. While earning his Master’s Degree in Architecture, Paul E still found time to be an active part of the community.  He balanced his class load with volunteer work for many local artists, architects and engineers.  Paul E also gained valuable perspective from his former career in the corporate world. After graduating, Paul worked as a Senior Designer and Project Manager for several local well-known Luxury Home Builders; where he honed his design abilities with his communication skills; and long gained a reputation for being a critical thinker.


When it comes to his career as one of the area’s leading real estate professionalsPaul E understands how important perspective, insights and experiences really are. Drawing on his corporate career and worldly views, Paul E brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients’ transactions. Often working with high level professionals, including many in the Architectural and Medical field, Paul E combines his down-to-earth approach and tenacious spirit with his keen business insights to provide a level of service that is unsurpassed. 

So whether buying, selling or investing, call the real estate ninja and former member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) of 2014; who brings you an honest perspective, with real experience, and real time values. Call Paul E direct today for all your real estate needs | 941.444.6677.


Paul E also studied Fine Arts and Architecture at Ball State University, and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Architecture & Urban Design from USF; as well holds a 214 License to sell Life Insurance and Variable Annuities.  He is also a decorated Veteran of the U.S. Armed Services, and currently serves as a REALTOR with TREND Realty, Inc.

As a Veteran, & proud owner of "AttentionInvestors.com" (AI), Paul E went on to become an Adjunct Professor of Architecture, Mechanical Drafting, and 3D Visualizations at ITT College.  He then served his Independent Development Program (IDP) under the highly accredited Rowe Architects in Tampa; notably for Rehabilitation documentation, he was assigned the daunting task of Recreating/Rehabilitating the oldest Catholic Church in Florida, the Sacred Heart; of which had no prior recorded drawings.  Prior to Rowe, Paul E created Vox studio Associates, a Drafting and Home Design business where he performed a broad range of Design & Planning Services from Small-Single-family residences, to Master-high-end-custom palaces in the private sector of Bayshore; of which he still owns & operates today.


Now venturing into the world of Real Estate investmentPaul E is also on course to become a Registered Architect; all the while studying for his Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM) license to sell Commercial Real Estate & Land Acquisitions.  He is also certified in Asbestos and Construction Safety, and has nearly completed publishing his first book, titled: “Don’t Forget to Remember -A Visual Aid to Passing the A.R.E.”.  Paul E is also an avid artist on many multi-media platforms, and is working toward his first Patent with U.S. P.T.O.  As a tool to help clients express their vision, he meditates by practicing freehand sketching firsthand in front of his clients; where he claims: “I prefer ‘penwork’; pencil can be erased, yet a pen will never lie!”

Prior to Real Estate, Paul E was a Senior Designer with several well-known Design-Build entities & other highly decorated Custom Home builders in Florida.  Having his older brother as being a General Contractor (GC), as a team, they are both considered multi-faceted & very resourceful businessmen.

And just to add spice as a variety to life, prior to Architecture, Paul E previously attended the Music Industry of Performing Arts (MIRA) scholar program at SPC, where he learned a deeper appreciation for the art of music; of which can still be heard online today.

"I owe it all to my mother"

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