We can help with your “Inactive” License Status

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Congratulations on acquiring your Florida Real Estate License!

Did you know there are almost 80,000 agents in the State of Florida who currently have a status of: “Voluntary Inactive”; mainly because of inflated Association Fees?

Do you owe $700.00(+) before the March 31st deadline?

By joining our Brokerage, we don’t charge a “Switch” fee, and you will save over $35,000.00 in fees over the next 20-years.

Did you know that you can activate your license for free, forever, and avoid those fees?

State Licensing Authorities do not require realtors to join the realtor association…You can legally work as a licensed agent in the State of Florida without paying unnecessary fees.

Our top 3 goals:

  1. Renew your license, and provide you with options.
  2. Train you, for free, to take back your freedom in real estate.
  3. Avoid ever paying association fees again!

For a one-time Administration Payment of only $99.00, we will hang your license for free, forever. Your “life-time” payment covers record storage & administration costs; example: when F.R.E.C. calls upon our offices to provide your records, by law, they must be submitted within 24-hours.

If you understand the simple principals here today, simply click on the link below for further information about how exactly you can renew your license today, in just minutes.  It really is that simple.

Questions, contact me Direct | 813-362-2142

Thank you for your time and good luck!